USM Emblem



The Emblem presents spiritual values of USM in graphics. The bottom lines represent ocean which is deep, dynamic and rich. A spiritual person will be deep in his thinking and reflection. He /she will be dynamic, creative and rich in his values.

The curved lines which stand above the bottom lines represent a mountain which is strong, tall and unshakable even if it is hit by storms. A person with spirituality will be like an unshakable mountain despite crisis and opposition.

The universal tree, represented here as a single leaf on a stem arising from the depths, stands for the entire expression of Srishti.  The stem symbolizes the upright person who lives and grows according to spiritual values. He/she neither bows before anyone nor succumb to any pressure. The wheel, the chakra, symbolizes the movement and extension of spirituality from inner to outer space through creative life and its manifestation.

The spokes in the wheel symbolize unity and diversity. As every spoke is essential for the integrity and existence of the wheel, people of different caste, colour and creed are essential for the growth of any nation. An inclusive spirituality is the need of the hour.

In the background, the distinct colours of a rainbow and the religious symbols manifest the commitment of USM to preserve the identity of different religions, cultures and other diversity.

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